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PEB: A Promising Future for the Construction Industry| Oriental PEB

Source: PEB: A Promising Future for the Construction Industry| Oriental PEB


Steel is a preferred material for construction, due to its various advantages like quality, aesthetics, economy, and environmental conditions. This concept can have a lot of scope in India.

The pre-engineered metal building concept forms a unique position in the construction industry as it ideally suits to the needs of the modern Engineering Industry. The major advantage of a metal building is the high speed of design and construction for buildings of various categories.



PEB  is the type of building that is manufactured prior to its arrival on the building site. The concept of the pre-engineered building (PEB) is one where the fabrication is completed in a controlled environment with the latest technology, and then subsequent erection is carried out.

Future Trends in the Construction Sector

In this era of competition, it is increasingly important to build more economical structures, which provide good integrated system performance. Steel is basically better suited for bigger, taller, and longer span and geometrically complex structures, as a result, steel is likely to be predominantly used for many years into the future.

The pre-Engineered steel construction market has been growing rapidly for the last few years. Sectors such as automotive, power, logistics, Pharma, FMCG, and retail provide huge growth opportunities for PEB in India. There is undoubted, a very promising future for this sector in the coming years.

Refer to the post on “Pre Engineered Buildings- The Upcoming Future Of Construction” for more detailed information about PEB.

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Best Pre Engineered Buildings Kerala – Oriental PEB Kerala


Pre Engineered Building is designed by a PEB supplier and manufacturer. PEB is a metal type building which is the design and builds in the manufactured plant by PEB supplier or PEB manufacturer, all components are shipped to the site and are assembled and erected at site with nuts and bolts. OrientalPEB explain the Benefits of PEB,” Range and scope”, Structure of PEB, in OrientalPEB website the link is given below

Best Pre Engineered Buildings


Benefits of Pre-Engineered Building

  • Construction time

PEB reduces the total time comparing other buildings. reduce the total time by the least 30 to 40% minute because of the use of tapered built-up sections, high strength steel, which are optimized by the computerized design program and the use of continuous light gauge secondary steel section

  • Lower Cost

There is a significant Saving is accomplished in design, manufacturing and worksite erection costs manufacturing and erection cost.

  • Easy to Erect

PEB easy to Erect because all components are erectable.

  • Low maintenance

PEB has low maintenance and easy to maintain. PEB has high-quality paint systems for cladding which gives long durability and low maintenance costs.

  • Quality Control

Pre-Engineered buildings are manufactured completely in the factory under controlled conditions, the quality of the building is assured.

Pre Engineered Buildings

Types of Pre Engineered Buildings | Oriental PEB

Different Types of Pre Engineered Buildings | Oriental PEB

Pre Engineered Building
            Pre Engineered Building Example


What are Pre Engineered Buildings?

Pre Engineered Buildings Are Steel Structures that are pre-manufactured in a factory according to the design specification and afterward assembled together at the site using bolts. The foundation for this kind of buildings are made using conventional concrete to support lighter structures and carry heavy loads, the floors are also made on conventional concrete in certain cases.

Pre Engineered Buildings are mainly preferred for -: Low rise industrial building, Warehouse, Power Paths, Laboratories, Airpot Hangers, Parking Lots, Factories, Mini-Convention centers Etc…

Different Types of Pre Engineered Buildings

Rafter and column
Rafter and column for Pre Engineered Buildings

There are mainly two types of pre-engineered buildings- Primary & Secondary

The primary or the former system involves rafter and columns, whereas the Secondary or latter system involves C and Z Purlin for keeping the structure together, why use Purlins? Purlins help in the reduction of cost by 50% comparing to other conventional methods. Purlins are available in various dimensions, thickness, purlin ensures no fabrication cost or wastage

Major Components in Pre Engineered Buildings

There are 9 Major Essential Components in Pre Engineered Buildings -:

  1. Main Framing & Vertical Column
  2. End Wall Framing
  3. Purlins, Girts & Evave Struts
  4. Sheeting & Insulation or prefab panels
  5. Crane System
  6. Mezzanine System
  7. Bracing System
  8. Paints & Finishes
  9. Miscellaneous Services


Now that you know about Pre Engineered Building and its applications, you should start to consider using these. However, make sure to choose a reliable manufacturer to avail the best products for your own good.



PEB, Pre Engineered Buildings, Steel Buildings

Oriental PEB


pre engineered building

What is a pre-engineered buildings. what is the uses of the pre-engineered buildings and how to design a pre-engineered building as accurately as possible etc. are completely defined in the Oriental PEB Official website the link is below

What are pre-engineered buildings 

Pre-Engineered Buildings

Pre-engineered buildings built in factories and it is made of steel that are assembeled at site. usuallay pre engineered steel buildings structure. This style of construction is suited to warehouses and industrial buildings it is low price very fast to built, and can also be breakup and moved to another site fastly.

Anchor  and Foundation bolts are cast parallel with finished, ready for the site bolting. The use of PEB will reduce total construction time of the project by atleast 50% in india. This also allows faster occupancy and earlier realization of revenue and The Buildings are typically delivered in just a few weeks after approval of drawings.


  • combination of built up sections
  • cost-efficient
  • Use a combination of built up sections
  • PEB constructed with steel frame system
  • Fabricated to meet many unique requirement

Pre engineered steel building fully defined in Oriental PEB  post

To design a Pre Engineered building as accurately as possible, engineers have to consider the following Steps are defined in the oriental PEB post link is on the top

External Design of PEB

Frames of PEB are made from an extensive inventory of standard steel plates stocked to the PEB. PEB frames are normally tapered and often have flanges and webs of variable thickness along the individual member

Engineering, PEB, Pre Engineered Buildings, Steel Buildings

Pre Engineered Building Insulation Types | Oriental Peb

Pre Engineered Building Insulation Types

Pre-engineered building insulation is widely used in industrial and residential constructions. pre-engineered building insulation uses Aluminium material or Polyethene material for most favourite combination for reflective insulation. Pre-engineered building insulation types uses custom computer-aided design. 

Pre Engineered Building Insulation

Pre-engineered building insulation is one of the ideal options for larger construction sites or building at remote locations. if the insulation material installed correctly, drastically reduce the heat transfer through the roof surface. It is useful in all situations where there is a bigger temperature difference, higher heat flow or a naturally hot space to a cooler space. It is also useful to maintain comfort in the winter as it prevents the inside heat to the loss in the outer environment Pre-engineered building insulation is one of the ideal options for larger construction sites or building at remote locations.

Common insulation types for a steel building

Some of the common pre-engineered building insulation types used for a 100 X 300 steel buildings are:

  • 100 x 300 Steel Building_Rigid Board

Advantages of using pre-engineered building 

  • It is economical and effective
  • In steel building insulation, fibre batts remain as the most popular choice.
  • Pre-engineered building insulation manages te climate changes.
  • PEB is best for construction sites or large industries or manufacturing units. It is also used in earthquake-prone areas to build the houses.
  • Pre-engineered buildings are cost-effective and easy to develop
  • Scalable, the modification and changes are easy
  • high-quality assurance, the quality of the product assured
  • energy-efficient,pre-engineered buildings save up to 70% of energy consumption and save electricity.