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Importance Of Pre Engineered steel Buildings | Oreintal PEB

Importance Of Pre Engineered steel Buildings | Oreintal PEB

Pre-Engineered Steel Building


Pre-engineered steel buildings are a modern construction method. It is the method of manufacturing building components inside a factory setup either by the builders itself or by means of a commercial purpose. Now, the industry prefers steel in many areas like bridges, building, house, office spaces, etc. It is consist of a decoration part and cost-effectiveness.

There are many manufactures in Kerala who provide pre-engineered steel structures for various building purposes. The easy installation with short time duration is the prominent part of steel structures. So, the manufactures find a wide range of steel structures of various applications. Some of them are listed below;

  • Trusses
  • Stairs
  • Handrails
  • Guards
  • Conveyor support
  • Towers
  • Pipe racks
  • Bridges
  • Walkways, etc.

Advantages of Pre-Engineered Building

  • The components of a pre-engineered steel building are the best quality and can withstand all-natural conditions. So, it overcomes the extreme natural calamities like strong winds and blizzards. They are weather-proof.
  • PEB structure offers high resistance to corrosion and degradation.
  • Steel structures are encapsulated with insulating panels, which are energy efficient.
  • PEB houses and offices are preferring by peoples who face bad weather and deadly climate.
  • Steel PEB structures are lightweight.
  • Air conditioner and fire fighting equipment can be installed very easily.



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What Is Structural Steel Fabrication – Process and Uses

What Is Structural Steel Fabrication – Process & Uses | Oriental

Structural Steel fabrication and uses



Steel fabrication is the process of transforming steel into the various structure for the purpose of construction. Fabrication is done in order to pre-engineering. Pre-engineered structures are used for the purpose of constructing large structures.

Now it is a common practice, cutting steel components into various shapes and form a frame into the desired structure.

Various process in structural steel fabrication

The first and foremost steps in the fabrication process are cutting. The requirement for the construction is various. So, cutting is an important step. Cutting of the structures in the desired size and shapes are mandatory to process. The next step is bending. The cut-down pieces are to be bend to transform into desired shape. The bending is a critical and accurate process. A slight difference in bending may make big mistakes. Next is welding, the pieces that are cut and bend are to be joined to form the final structure by welding.

The result of the above three processes will be our fabricated steel structure. These structures are used in various application of construction works. It is a very cost-efficient and effortless process. These economically feasible structures are a big turning point in the construction industry.




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Industrial Steel Structures Manufacturers – Oriental PEB

Industrial Steel Structures Manufacturers – Oriental PEB

Modern Steel Structures and Building Manufacturers



Structures utilized by the business to hold crude materials or assembling items are mechanical structures. These structures can be arranged into uncommon ones and a typical one. Straightforward rooftop structure on the open casing is for stockroom, workshop, and regions need huge and clear space are called ordinary buildings. Structures used to load and store hefty machines are called special buildings.

Today, modern structures are for the most part fabricated utilizing steel structures. Pre-assembled steel structures are ideal shapes for these sorts of building structures.

Steel Structures in the Building Industry

Oriental PEB is one of the pioneers in the steel and aluminium industry for quite a long time. Providing an assortment of steel structures for a different mechanical reason. Mezzanines and Crane Beams are the focus zones of oriental.

Its plans and develops all sort of industrial facility structures and metal structures. Development of handling plant building. Single put away or multi-put away structures for modern homes, innovation parks, creation units, packaging plants and production line structures. Give an answer to all your mechanical structure needs.

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Steel Structural Buildings Kerala | Oriental PEB India

Steel Structural Buildings Kerala | Oriental PEB India

Structural Steel Buildings in Kerala



Structural buildings are basically steel structures that are pre-designed for interior support. Additionally, utilized with the end goal of capacity, workspace, and convenience. These basic structures are broadly utilized because of its cost-productivity. What’s more, because of its adaptability for different structures. It has an assortment of uses. The most well-known sort of steel auxiliary structures are straight-walled, arc-shaped and are arranged as clear range or various ranges. Clearspan structure has no additional interior support. These are financially cost-effective structures.

The significant applications are in the region like the rural business such as agriculture, steel circular segment structures, and so on. When contrasted with arc structures, straight-walled structures have more spaces. Thus, these are most normally utilized in business and mechanical reason.

Auxiliary structures by Oriental PEB

Oriental PEB is one of the main organization in Kochi who provides all kind of PEB structures. They give all sort of pre-manufactured basic steel structures in Kerala. Quality is the highest nature of oriental PEB’s structures. It is defenceless against all conditions and adaptable in shapes and quality for any applications and employments.

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PEB: A Promising Future for the Construction Industry| Oriental PEB

Source: PEB: A Promising Future for the Construction Industry| Oriental PEB


Steel is a preferred material for construction, due to its various advantages like quality, aesthetics, economy, and environmental conditions. This concept can have a lot of scope in India.

The pre-engineered metal building concept forms a unique position in the construction industry as it ideally suits to the needs of the modern Engineering Industry. The major advantage of a metal building is the high speed of design and construction for buildings of various categories.



PEBĀ  is the type of building that is manufactured prior to its arrival on the building site. The concept of the pre-engineered building (PEB) is one where the fabrication is completed in a controlled environment with the latest technology, and then subsequent erection is carried out.

Future Trends in the Construction Sector

In this era of competition, it is increasingly important to build more economical structures, which provide good integrated system performance. Steel is basically better suited for bigger, taller, and longer span and geometrically complex structures, as a result, steel is likely to be predominantly used for many years into the future.

The pre-Engineered steel construction market has been growing rapidly for the last few years. Sectors such as automotive, power, logistics, Pharma, FMCG, and retail provide huge growth opportunities for PEB in India. There is undoubted, a very promising future for this sector in the coming years.

Refer to the post on “Pre Engineered Buildings- The Upcoming Future Of Construction” for more detailed information about PEB.