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Pre-engineered steel building

Pre-engineered steel building, manufactures design and fabricate in house or other buildings. Building constructed with steel and wall proofs. Steel building construction commonly used for commercial spaces. Building are reliable, durable. There are many other materials can be used for external uses for building, few of them are wood, concrete, fabric.

There are many benefits of pre engineered metal building, like cost, time, design. Pre-engineered structures are generally created with steel, but its technology is advanced. Pre-engineered metal building costs depending on style of the building. Pre-engineered metal buildings are fabricated to meet many unique requirements. Frame components are made offsite and then shipped to the location to be erected.

There are endless options for the design of pre-engineered buildings, both interior and exterior. Pre engineered steel building, reduces your construction period and labor costs.

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Lightweight and Energy-Efficient PUF Panels – Oreintal PEB

Source: Lightweight and Energy-Efficient PUF Panels – Oreintal PEB

PUF Panels (sandwich panels)

PUF panels are insulated sandwich panels for the roof and wall. an important factor for prefabricated building construction. It is one of the components of prefabricated construction materials. This sandwich panel is filled with CFC free polyurethane in the core achieving Good R-values and consists of exterior and interior facings of relatively thin metal sheet profiled.

These panels can meet all the constructional needs of commercial and residential business buildings, etc. PUF panel is sandwiched between two metal sheets. It has a covering property and act and serves the purpose of the walls. It has multiple purposes such as wall and roof covering.

PEB, Pre Engineered Buildings

How PEB can be a Part of Residential Building Construction – Oreintal PEB

How PEB can be a Part of Residential Building Construction – Oreintal PEB

PEB in Residential Building Construction



PEB is a superstar in the construction world. Its introduction is a boon to the construction world globally. PEB was introduced decades before. But, its power is understood by the construction industry is in the near future. From then the growth is steady and faster.

Now, PEB is used in residential buildings like house, villas and flats. The application of PEB is widely accepted now. This shows the impact of pre-engineered structures in the industry.

When coming to the residential construction all are curious about safety. The pre-engineered structure ensures the conditions of safety. Actually, the confusion about safety is the main reason for the delayed entry of PEB in residential building construction. But,  you can assure that all PEB product whether it is for industrial construction or residential construction, quality is confirmed. Because it comes to the market after a series of safety and quality test.

Advantages of PEB in Residential Construction

  • The construction process is simple and less time consuming
  • Affordable cost
  • Less maintenance cost
  • The ready availability of construction components
  • Design flexibility



Pre Engineered Buildings, pre-fabrication, Prefabricated warehouse

Best Pre Engineered Buildings Kerala | Oriental PEB Kerala

Best Pre Engineered Buildings Kerala | Oriental PEB Kerala

Different types of Pre-Fabrication




Various type of pre-fabrication offers a great leap in your construction works. The emergence of pre-fabrication provides a great leap in modern construction. It reduces the time and cost of construction works. Generally, multi-stored building construction requires more time and labour effort. But pre-fabrication reduces this delay and make everything easier and fast.

The components for various purposes are readily available in the pre-fab market. There exist manufactures like oriental PEB, who serves as a supplier of various steel and concrete prefabricated structures.

Significants of different types of Structures

The pre-fabrication exist for many items. The components that are commonly used for construction works are now undergone pre-fabrication and available as a whole. It consists of components of various size and shape. Not only in varied shapes, but the materials also different now.

There exist glass, wood, steel and concrete structures. The purpose of each is different. The most commonly used type is concrete. For huge building construction. Then is steel or meta structures. It is used as a frame for large ware houses, industrial houses, etc.





Pre Engineered Buildings

Structural Engineering and Pre-Fabricated Structures – Oreintal PEB

Source: Structural Engineering and Pre-Fabricated Structures – Oreintal PEB

Structural Engineering and Pre-Fabricated Structures

Structural Engineering is a branch of civil engineering which deals with framework of structures. Designing those structures to withstand the stresses and pressures of their environment and remain safe, stable and secure throughout their use. Pre- Fabrication is the practice of assembling components of a building in a manufacturing company or factory and transporting the complete unit to the construction site, where the structure is to be located.

Types of Structures

There are basically three types of structures:

Shell Structure, Frame Structures and Solid Structures.

Advantages of Pre-Fabricated Structures

  • Time Consuming : As the portions of structures are pre manufactured then¬† easily to assemble
  • Can easily transport to the construction site.

Disadvantages of Pre-Fabricated Structures

  • Handling and transportation may cause breakages of sub components