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Use of Steel Structures in the Indian Construction Industry

Source: Use of Steel Structures in the Indian Construction Industry

In India, structural steel has traditionally been fabricated on-site, mainly due to lack of infrastructure for transporting heavy sections from an off-site workshop to project site. Moreover, there is often insufficient space at a site to set up a fabrication workshop, while inexpensive skilled labor is at a premium. These issues can always be mitigated by pre-engineered buildings, which are fabricated in a workshop elsewhere.

Though the Indian model for the fabrication of structural steel differs from the model followed by developed countries, the trend is slowly but surely changing. India is now gradually moving away from onsite fabrication to workshop delivery models, which are proving to be more efficient in terms of quality and timelines. This helps to reduce the time and cost of execution, and is expected to fuel the demand for steel structures in India.

Structural steel is being selectively used in the construction of high-rise buildings, with three to four projects using steel or composite structures being built each year in India, mainly in metropolitan cities that are constrained by limited land availability. Concrete still remains the default construction material in the building segment in India, but industry reports suggest that the share of building segment is expected to increase overall demand for steel structures now that developers are beginning to recognize the benefits of structural steel.



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How PEB can be a Part of Residential Building Construction – Oreintal PEB

How PEB can be a Part of Residential Building Construction – Oreintal PEB

PEB in Residential Building Construction



PEB is a superstar in the construction world. Its introduction is a boon to the construction world globally. PEB was introduced decades before. But, its power is understood by the construction industry is in the near future. From then the growth is steady and faster.

Now, PEB is used in residential buildings like house, villas and flats. The application of PEB is widely accepted now. This shows the impact of pre-engineered structures in the industry.

When coming to the residential construction all are curious about safety. The pre-engineered structure ensures the conditions of safety. Actually, the confusion about safety is the main reason for the delayed entry of PEB in residential building construction. But,  you can assure that all PEB product whether it is for industrial construction or residential construction, quality is confirmed. Because it comes to the market after a series of safety and quality test.

Advantages of PEB in Residential Construction

  • The construction process is simple and less time consuming
  • Affordable cost
  • Less maintenance cost
  • The ready availability of construction components
  • Design flexibility



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Best Pre Engineered Buildings Kerala | Oriental PEB Kerala

Best Pre Engineered Buildings Kerala | Oriental PEB Kerala

Different types of PEB structures



PEB makes a great movement in the industrial field. Construction works greatly depend on PEB structures now. The emergence of PEB creates massive movements in the constructional area. The application of PEB is various. PRe-engineered structures are mainly used for huge construction purposes. Buildings such as bridge, multi-stored structures, warehouses, industrial factories, etc.

Now pre-engineered structures are used for commercial and residential purposes. Since residential purpose needs more decorative items, the scope of the pre-engineered structure is less.

What are the different types of PEB structures?

  • Concrete structure
  • Glass structure
  • Wood structure
  • Steel structure

Concrete Structures

The concrete structure is a widely used pre-engineered building in the industry. A large number of construction works are done with concrete structures.

Glass Structure

Pre-engineered glass structures are mainly used for the purposes of interior decoration. To maintain the interior of office rooms, hotels etc.

Wood Structure

The pre-engineered wood structure is used for covering the deck space, roofing, etc. These also focused on the decorative purpose.

Steel Structure

Steel structures are mainly used for the construction of structural frames. The steel is cut down into various shapes and size and bend down to form various structures.


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Structural Engineering and Pre-Fabricated Structures – Oreintal PEB

Structural Engineering and Pre-Fabricated Structures – Oreintal PEB

Pre-fabricated Structures and structural engineering




Structural engineering is all about the structure of a building. And it is closely related to prefabricated building structures. Now the conventional method of building construction is outdated. Pre-fabricated structures became the present and future. The emergence of advanced technology in building industry brings out huge machines and materials that are capable to build highly sophisticated components for every kind of building.

In the construction industry from houses to huge multi-stored buildings are now built using prefabricated structures. And it is a much simpler form of implementation of structural engineering designs.

Structural Engineering

Structural engineering is always deal with the structure of an entire building. It conducts a detailed study regarding the scientific and climatic factors of the building. Most of the structural design is even more complex. So, prefabricated structures are the best option to implement those designs perfectly.

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Difference Between PEB And Concrete | Oriental PEB

Difference Between PEB And Concrete – Oriental PEB

PEB and Concrete structures

Presently the business is profoundly keen on PEB structures. Since it has numerous advantages when contrasted with the regular solid structure. Along these lines, let us investigate in insights regarding the upsides of PEB over cement and contrast among PEB and cement.



The significant distinction among PEB and Concrete

  • PEB building structure can support with a lot bigger ranges. Be that as it may, concrete is reasonable for a limited ability to focus.
  • The PEB structure is manufactured in a processing plant climate. Yet, solid structures are produced in the building site.
  • A PEB can be developed and conveyed anyplace on the world. However, never a solid structure.
  • A solid structure set aside an effort to get set up the structure. A PEB structure can be effortlessly created.
  • It is helpful by methods for money and human exertion. Be that as it may, solid structures are difficult to build and monetarily not feasible.