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Pre-engineered steel building

Pre-engineered steel building, manufactures design and fabricate in house or other buildings. Building constructed with steel and wall proofs. Steel building construction commonly used for commercial spaces. Building are reliable, durable. There are many other materials can be used for external uses for building, few of them are wood, concrete, fabric.

There are many benefits of pre engineered metal building, like cost, time, design. Pre-engineered structures are generally created with steel, but its technology is advanced. Pre-engineered metal building costs depending on style of the building. Pre-engineered metal buildings are fabricated to meet many unique requirements. Frame components are made offsite and then shipped to the location to be erected.

There are endless options for the design of pre-engineered buildings, both interior and exterior. Pre engineered steel building, reduces your construction period and labor costs.

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Premium Quality Alu-Zinc Roofing Sheets Kerala | Oriental PEB

Source: Premium Quality Alu-Zinc Roofing Sheets Kerala | Oriental PEB

Alu-zinc roofing sheets:

It is a best-quality roofing sheet of the oriental peb. Each Alu-zinc roofing sheet undergoes an
excellent manufacturing process to provide the best quality roofing sheets.

Composition of Alu-zinc roofing sheets:

It’s manufactured from high grade stainless steel, aluminium, copper, zinc and silicone and polyester.

Specialities of Alu zinc roofing sheets:

It’s resistant to corrosion.
It’s highly durable.
Available in premium colours.
The sheets are tested under high quality parameters.

Benefits of oriental products:

1.Cost effective products.

2. Focus on customer satisfaction.

3. Offers high quality products.

4. Better designs with the help of modern technology.

alu zinc roofing sheet

Pre-engineered steel building, pre-fabrication

Straight Column Steel building and its importance – Oreintal PEB

Source: Straight Column Steel building and its importance – Oreintal PEB

The importance of straight-column steel buildings:

It is one of the best steel buildings, structure and more familiar to everyone. Pre-fabricated buildings have various requirements that vary as per the user needs.
The initial step is choosing the framing for any pre-fabricated buildings. Customers can use a clear span or modular span framing as per the customers budget.

The customer can choose the framing based on the required size, application and the allocated budget.

RHINO’s prefab steel buildings:

They use “rigid-frame” framing. its also named as “red-iron”. These structures are manufactured in the oriental peb.

Different types of steel building frames:

There are seven types of prefabricated buildings. They are Straight column, single slope, Tampered column, Lean-to,1 Row Modular Span, 2 Row Modular Span, 3 Row Modular Span.

Why are straight-column buildings used by engineers?

Straight-column steel buildings are mostly preferred over other steel buildings. Interior works can be done easily with the straight-column steel buildings than the other models. It’s easy to handle and usually gets more interior space compared to other steel buildings.

Main uses of straight column steel buildings:

  1. It is easy to install compared to other frames.
  2. It provides more interior space compared to other prefabricated buildings.
  3. Cost effective.
  4. It is best for small offices and commercial operations where maximum interior space is required.
straight column steel buildings

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Premium Quality Alu-Zinc Roofing Sheets Kerala | Oriental PEB

Source: Premium Quality Alu-Zinc Roofing Sheets Kerala | Oriental PEB

Alu-zinc Roofing Sheets Kerala, Oriental PEB

Through a rigorous manufacturing process, Alu-zinc Roofing delivers the finest quality of industrial roofing sheet built from high grade stainless steel, aluminium, copper, tin, plastic and silicone polyester. It is galvanized with zinc to provide resistance against corrosion and the harmful effects of air pollution. This sheet id high durable and the aim of this product is customer centric designing and implementation of steel buildings.These roofing sheet are available in a range of premium colors.

alu-zinc roofing sheets

These sheets are stringently tested under quality parameters and proven to be highly durable. And our product helps to society to build an eco friendly and earth quake resistant buildings.

alu-zinc roofing sheets kerala

Advantages of Alu-zinc roofing sheets

  • Alu-zinc roofing sheet is very energy efficient as compared to other roofing sheets.
  • Alu-zinc sheet can resist fires.
  • Alu-zinc roofing sheet can be easy install.
  • Alu-zinc can withstand hailstorms and severe weather conditions.

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Use of Steel Structures in the Indian Construction Industry

Source: Use of Steel Structures in the Indian Construction Industry

In India, structural steel has traditionally been fabricated on-site, mainly due to lack of infrastructure for transporting heavy sections from an off-site workshop to project site. Moreover, there is often insufficient space at a site to set up a fabrication workshop, while inexpensive skilled labor is at a premium. These issues can always be mitigated by pre-engineered buildings, which are fabricated in a workshop elsewhere.

Though the Indian model for the fabrication of structural steel differs from the model followed by developed countries, the trend is slowly but surely changing. India is now gradually moving away from onsite fabrication to workshop delivery models, which are proving to be more efficient in terms of quality and timelines. This helps to reduce the time and cost of execution, and is expected to fuel the demand for steel structures in India.

Structural steel is being selectively used in the construction of high-rise buildings, with three to four projects using steel or composite structures being built each year in India, mainly in metropolitan cities that are constrained by limited land availability. Concrete still remains the default construction material in the building segment in India, but industry reports suggest that the share of building segment is expected to increase overall demand for steel structures now that developers are beginning to recognize the benefits of structural steel.