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Straight Column Steel Building- Oriental Peb


By reading this blog you will understand about Straight Column Steel Buildings. And also we will discuss the 7 Types of Steel Building Frames. Why Steel Buildings? There are many benefits if we use a steel building structure. Its light in weight, durability, strength flexibility, low maintenance cost, can do fabrications easy according to its shape, etc.



  • Straight Column
  • Single Slope
  • Tampered Column
  • Lean-to
  • 1 Row Modular Span
  • 2 Row Modular Span
  • 3 Row Modular Span

Straight Column Steel Building

Out of these 7 Steel Building Structures, most engineers use Straight Column Steel Building Structure. Because it is very easy for doing interior work after once the structure work is finished. As the frame of straight column steel building is less we will get more interior space than getting from any other structure.

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