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Steel or Concrete-Which is Builder’s Choice

Steel and Concrete are two essential building materials used for construction. Many key decision needs to be taken before choosing an effective option and to decide which method can give good results.

steel or concrete

Here we compare the advantages and disadvantages of Structural Steel against concrete.

Comparison between Structural Steel and Concrete

1 . COST

Construction materials cost depends entirely on the geographical location of the project and the availability of the materials.

Structural Steel : Price of Steel can vary, it typically remains a less expensive choice compared to reinforced concrete. Nowadays a large majority of all steel manufactured from recycled materials. This makes the steel much cheaper when compared to other materials.

Concrete : Concrete is poured and worked with directly onsite, the process to completion can be lengthy and costs higher labor charger. Building the box or container for pouring concrete takes some cost.

image of  steel.

2 . Sustainability

Structural Steel : Recently used structural steel is made using recycled materials. Due to its long lifetime, steel and its structural integrity can be used as well as modified many times.

Concrete : The elements used in concrete are natural to our environment, less harmful to our world. Concrete can be used for future mixtures. This kind of recycling will reduce the amount of cement in waste disposal.

concrete and steel structures

3 . Fire Resistance

Structural Steel : Steel is a substance that is not normally flammable.Even though steel can be gently weakened when heated to extreme temperatures.

Concrete : Concrete has a great fire resistance properties. But while construction there is other materials also used. They can be inflammable. Fire-hazardous materials will be required to prevent potential problems in the overall design.

4 . Corrosion

Structural Steel : Steel can corrode when water comes into contact. By painting steel we can prevent contact with water and corrosion.

corrosion of steel

Concrete : If concrete constructed properly, It has excellent corrosion resistance properties. However, Reinforced concrete must not be exposed to water in order to prevent its corrosion as this could gradually reduce the strength of the structure.

corrosion of concrete

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