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Uses Of Top Quality Steels

Source: Uses Of Top Quality Steels And Day-to-Day Apllication | oriental

Uses Of Top Quality Steels

What Is Steel? What Is Top Quality Steel?

Steel is the most consumed metal on earth. 3500 types of Different graded steels are available. Steel is an unavoidable material in our day-to-day life. Home appliances, cars, Buildings, ships name it steel is utilized to its maximum in every field.

Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon, manganese and small amounts of silicon, phosphorus, sulfur, and oxygen. Most of the steel is produced using the BF-BOF method. 1,808.6 million tonnes (Mt) of steel is produced in the year of 2018.

top quality steel

The quality of steel fixed on the composition of steel and other material used. Quality is rated from top quality to low quality accordingly. Tool steel is the top-quality steel produced. The uses of top quality tool steel are to make tools, dies, cutters.

Best Uses Of Top Quality Steels In Daily Life

Steel is mainly used for Construction. 54% of steel is only used for construction work out of that Pre-Fabricated Steel Structure consumes more steel. Pre Engineered Building has become a trendsetter in the construction sector. Its easiness and reusable carried it a long way in its competition. Pre Engineered Building is a ready-made factory component that can be connected to build a structure easily.

prefabricated steel structure

Carbon Steel is mainly used for car body manufacturing, to build bridges, to make pipelines, to create high strength wire.

Stainless Steel is used for construction, medical tools, and kitchenware

Alloy Steel is commonly used to make pipes, home appliances like heater, coins


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