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Modular Building Constructions In Kerala | Oriental PEB

Modular Building Constructions In Kerala

The article considered the methods using modular building constructions in Kerala.The technology of modular construction is developing rapidly. The installation of this construction is very cost-effective, safe and Eco-friendly. It is also an advanced construction technology. This post reviews the principle that guided the construction and design of some recent high rise modular constructions in Kerala.

As a research the article shows the modular building constructions developing system in order to provides the population in comfortable and affordable. Pre-fabricated, Modularization, Industrialised buildings are the terms which are briefly discussing in this post. Pre-fabricated building is the another term related to the modular buildings. The construction is highly used in the area that has weather concern such as Hurricane. This type of weather condition problems are also mentioned in this post.

modular building constructions

This post also focusing the advantages of modular building constructions and the major reasons why modular buildings constructions gaining the popularity  in the modern construction in Kerala. And also pointed out the comparison between modular building constructions and traditional building constructions.

pre assemble building

Major Three Reasons Why Modular Is Gaining Popularity In The Construction Industry

  1. Quality control.
  2. Environmental benefits.
  3. Faster build times.

Advantages Of Modular Buildings

  • Modular building is very safe and cost-effective
  • Modular building is Eco-friendly.
  • Modular buildings are permanent and temperory using high quality products.
  • It is an off-site constructions.
  • Attractive designs.
  • Speed of build.



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