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Oriental PEB


pre engineered building

What is a pre-engineered buildings. what is the uses of the pre-engineered buildings and how to design a pre-engineered building as accurately as possible etc. are completely defined in the Oriental PEB Official website the link is below

What are pre-engineered buildings 

Pre-Engineered Buildings

Pre-engineered buildings built in factories and it is made of steel that are assembeled at site. usuallay pre engineered steel buildings structure. This style of construction is suited to warehouses and industrial buildings it is low price very fast to built, and can also be breakup and moved to another site fastly.

Anchor  and Foundation bolts are cast parallel with finished, ready for the site bolting. The use of PEB will reduce total construction time of the project by atleast 50% in india. This also allows faster occupancy and earlier realization of revenue and The Buildings are typically delivered in just a few weeks after approval of drawings.


  • combination of built up sections
  • cost-efficient
  • Use a combination of built up sections
  • PEB constructed with steel frame system
  • Fabricated to meet many unique requirement

Pre engineered steel building fully defined in Oriental PEB  post

To design a Pre Engineered building as accurately as possible, engineers have to consider the following Steps are defined in the oriental PEB post link is on the top

External Design of PEB

Frames of PEB are made from an extensive inventory of standard steel plates stocked to the PEB. PEB frames are normally tapered and often have flanges and webs of variable thickness along the individual member


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