PEB, Pre Engineered Buildings

Top steel manufacturers in kerala & The Advantages


Pre Engineered building are mainly buildings which constructed with pre-fabricated steel beams, beams used are usually formed by welding together steel plates. These beams are fabricated from the factory and at the site they are jointed (bolted together) to form the structural frame; according to the use walls and roof can be covered using the appropriate material. Since mainly the assembling part is done at the site the time required for erecting the building and the labor cost is comparatively less. PEB buildings have high strength since it is made of steel frame; they have better seismic resistance due to lightweight high flexible materials

Top steel manufacturers in kerala

Advantages of Top steel manufacturers in Kerala

Less time consuming: PEB are fast to erect, they will require less than ¼ th of the time required to construct a concrete building

Lesser costs: PEB costs less than concrete buildings in many ways, the lesser cost for raw materials, lower labor charges.

Extended life: Due to various protection technique PEB s can last longer than the conventional buildings.

Quality control: Computer-aided designs and pre-assembled segments ensure factory controlled quality
Improved aesthetics: Due to the availability of various kinds of paints and painting techniques and other protective coating PEBs can take whatever appearance you can imagine

Better Insulation: PEBs provide better temperature and noise insulation which makes them suited for many applications like cold storages

Energy efficiency: Due to the insulating property you can save on energy bills to keep the interior cool or warm

Strength: Steel is one among the strongest material; Since Steel frame is used for PEBs you will get the strength of steel in a lesser weight compared to concrete.

Source: Top steel manufacturers in Kerala |Oriental PEB steel manufacturers


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