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Stroy of An Indian steel industry  | Oriental PEB |

A scenario of the Indian steel industry

India’s steel industry has a notable presence in both national territories and beyond. The current trends of the Indian steel industry are poised for acquiring numero uno spot in global steel production and consumption. The National Steel Policy of India has been planned in accordance, aiming towards making 2019 a “Year of Expansion” and continuing the same in the forthcoming years.

indian steel industry

The highlight of the steel industry in India is that the steel demand is rather on the rise even when global growth seems to have taken a backseat. Kudos to the steel giants, the modern steel mills workforce and government authorities who are taking new strides in this highly flourishing sector.

There has been an ever increasing demand for quality constructions. Infrastructural developments have created the need for good structures. Also, time is a major constraint in all our lives. It is normal for the client to expect great constructional outputs within the minimum stipulated time. Considering client expectations and matching up with technology, pre-engineered buildings seem to be the right choice.

All pre-engineered structures are planned and built in factories. They are transported to the site where they are bolted and fixed with one another. All components are erected at the site using nuts and bolts. Such buildings can be fitted to different constructional accessories such as floors, cranes, canopies, partitions and so on. They are versatile in nature and have become the latest trend in building construction. Gone are the days where traditional construction methods were used. In the present scenario, strong and sturdy structures that are built using minimum resources are preferred over the others.

Source: The Rise of Prefabricated Construction in Kerala | Oriental PEB |

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